Working LEGO Rubik’s Cube Gets 10-K Ideas Support

Have you ever played with a Rubik’s Cube? Have you ever wondered how the genius toy works its horizontal-vertical pivoting mechanism? Did your curiosity ever go so far as to just break the Cube apart to see its interior? Surely some Rubik’s Cube owners have done what was implied in that last question. This brainchild of Hungarian architect-inventor Erno Rubik didn’t become one of the best toys ever for nothing. The Cube’s simple yet complex design plays an important part. Now, a LEGO Ideas member seeks to blend the Rubik’s Cube with LEGO’s building potential. The result: this product idea. It just got 10,000 supporters.

Indeed, puzzLEGO1 has hit upon a strong contender for LEGO Ideas with a brick-built yet functional Rubik’s Cube. This submission appears to be the culmination of several years’ work from an original (decorative-only) LEGO Cube. After three revisions, puzzLEGO1 notes in his product idea page that he finally got the smooth pivoting functionality right. Not only does this build work like an original Rubik’s Cube; it can also teach builders the base toy’s inner-workings. Considering the number of mechanical product ideas submitted for the Third 2021 Review Stage, this one really stands out. We can’t wait to see how it fares in review, months on.

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