HarrisBricks’ “Downtown Records” Hits 10-K Support on LEGO Ideas

productidea downtownrecords banner

After looking at a couple product ideas garnering support last week, we have another 10-K passer on LEGO Ideas. We know we’ve tried in the past to peg the common trend of submissions to the then-current Review Stage. But we at The Brick Show can certainly see that this Third 2021 Review Stage is all about the buildings. The new 10-K support submission from HarrisBricks reinforces this.

We can also observe that the product idea in question goes for LEGO “authenticity.” Its modular design makes it look right at home with LEGO City. And every neighborhood needs a music store.

productidea downtownrecords 1

Downtown Records” by HarrisBricks looks like an official LEGO City modular set already. We’re looking at a two-floor building, each serving its own function. The ground floor houses the titular music store, in all its retro record aesthetics.

productidea downtownrecords 2

The building is designed to serve as a street corner, allowing a tree and a newsstand on one side.

productidea downtownrecords 3

Upstairs, accessible by a spiral staircase out back, we find a neat studio apartment just as media-heavy as downstairs.

productidea downtownrecords 4

Four minifigures populate this location: the store clerk, corner newsboy, a customer, and the apartment resident. You’re probably hearing tracks playing in your head.

productidea downtownrecords 5

LEGO Ideas Third 2021 Review Stage now stands at 18 product ideas. Nine of them are buildings, many of which are from licensed IPs. Of the original creations, two look like expected LEGO sets already: Castle Outpost and The (Ninjago-alike) Dojo. Can Downtown Records coast to a passing review thanks to its LEGO City-like modular design? The Review Stage isn’t over yet, so we’ll wait.

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