Castle Outpost by xXgGhostXx Gets 10-K on LEGO Ideas

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Our most recent LEGO Ideas updates consisted of official set releases or current developments in their various contests. It’s been over a week since the last product idea to reach the magic 10,000 supporters for review. At last however, a new submission successfully got into the Third 2021 Review Stage. Theme-wise, the new entry significantly ups the brick-building representation for this batch. This submission by xXgGhostXx is also Third 2021’s second “castle” submission. If BrickGallery’s Hyrule Castle is heavy on the licensed IP, then “Castle Outpost” is wonderfully generic. You could almost see this as a classic LEGO theme throwback.

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As xXgGhostXx explains in is product idea description, “Castle Outpost” is a revamp of an earlier idea of his. The original design actually still figures in the image gallery (second in the series). The changes he mentioned are evident, from the rear-left round tower to the shape of the towers’ battlements. xXgGhostXx also notes some stability improvements, though as the set images are renders we have to take his word.

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The structure features a central well and stable. The towers also have interiors, serving as dungeon, armory, kitchen, and garrison. Functional rotating catapults and nine knight minifigures complete the ensemble.

ideas castle out post 2

Castle Outpost can be compared to the Creator 3-in-1 Medieval Castle (31120), but also does its own thing. The sheer nostalgia factor of the design, with modern functional play elements, gives this product idea a solid chance. xXgGhostXx’s work deserves its spot on the Ideas Third 2021 Review Stage. It’ll be taking on comers like Hyrule Castle, The Dojo, Steampunk Explorers and Ichiraku Ramen. Let the better-received build win.

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