Neat LEGO Star Wars Promo Video and LEGO Vidiyoland Teaser Released!

LEGO Star Wars promo video

Given the epic grand entrance of the LEGO Star Wars UCS AT-AT (75313), a pretty cool LEGO Star Wars promo video is expected. LEGO certainly did not disappoint with their ad for the set, posted on their official Twitter account. Viewers are treated to a minute of superb visual storytelling with lots of Star Wars shout-outs. It starts innocently with a guy walking out of a London LEGO Shop, UCS AT-AT in his arms. Then we hear the actual AT-AT sounds as he walks. He sees a car with a Millennium Falcon license plate, then Princess Leia. The rest of the shout-outs are seen in the eyes of the audience.

While looking at that this latest LEGO Star Wars promo video, we also stumbled upon this interesting new video. It features Vidiyo, the hybrid minifigure-AR music video theme launched just this year. While an exciting bop during its introduction, sales-wise LEGO Vidiyo was a bust. It wasn’t surprising when LEGO announced that no new Vidiyo products were coming next year. They apparently plan to revamp the theme for a 2023 soft re-launch. So what is this LEGO Twitter teaser video trying to tell us?

Judging from the animation style reminiscent of “Animal Crossing,” “LEGO Vidiyoland” could possibly be a new animated series. Of course, that’s only our opinion based on a 15-second video. Don’t take our word for it and probably just wait for LEGO to elaborate on this. Unless…the character design is less “Animal Crossing”-like and more an actual “Animal Crossing” crossover, now that would be surprisingly exciting.

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