Boutique Hotel (10297) Coming January 1 for LEGO Modular 15th Anniversary

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LEGO kick-started the modular building set back in 2007, when they launched Café Corner (10182). Since then it’s been a decade and a half of awesome building sets melding together into a brick-built neighborhood. That also makes the coming year of 2022 the 15th anniversary for the “Modular Building Series.” Such an occasion calls for a one-of-a-kind LEGO set, to be sure. And back in October we caught wind of rumors to that regard. This would be set number 10297, with the reported name (translated from being Hotel & Art Gallery. Brickset gives us a different name, but the set’s officially confirmed at least.

Say hello to the 15th anniversary release for LEGO’s Modular Buildings Collection, Boutique Hotel (10297). At first glance, the build looks like a quaint old European-style hotel building with outdoor bar and side boutique/gallery.  But closer details reveal that the set features call-backs some past LEGO modular sets. Boutique Hotel (10297) true to form slots into its fellow modular sets to build a seamless city block (banner picture). It will launch on January 1 as part of the New Year 2022 LEGO product storm. AFOL collectors must have earmarked this as a vital acquisition already.

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Boutique Hotel (10297)

3,066 pieces | 7 minifigures | $199.99 | coming January 1, 2022

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Imagine spending quality time at a luxurious hotel. Where every detail is carefully considered. Where every guest’s request is met in style. Now you can build your own hotel getaway with this LEGO® Boutique Hotel (10297) model building project for adults.

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Surprises around every corner

Enjoy hours of immersive building as you craft the model’s 5 sections. With unusual triangular geometry and elegant decor, it’s inspired by opulent turn-of-the-century European architecture. Build the guest rooms and penthouse suite, lobby, terrace and staircase. Then explore all the stories packed within, including fun tributes to other models in the LEGO Modular Buildings collection. With 5 sections, including the roof with its decorative dome and skylight, plus never-seen-before elements and colors, it’s sure to delight adult builders.

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  • A build for adults – Spend quality time crafting all the details of this LEGO® Boutique Hotel. With glamorous  decor, it’s a tribute to turn-of-the-century European architecture

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  • Architectural details – With 5 sections, this buildable model features a wealth of design details and triangular geometry, plus highly decorated facades and interior

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  • So much to build – Lose yourself in this hands-on project as you build the hotel’s guest rooms, penthouse suite, lobby, terrace and staircase, plus the neighboring art gallery and coffee cart

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  • Packed with stories – The build is just the start. Have fun discovering all the adventures unfolding within the hotel in this model from the LEGO® Modular Buildings collection

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  • Celebrating 15 years of LEGO® Modular Buildings – Many adult LEGO builders will appreciate all the fun references to previous modular builds. Try to spot them all

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  • Includes 7 minifigures – Characters include a bellhop, receptionist, coffee vendor and gallery owner among the collection of hotel guests and staff

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