2022 LEGO Minecraft Sets Now Listed

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Way back in September, we picked up rumors of new sets for LEGO Minecraft coming next year. This is notable considering that 2022 is 10 years after the release of the first Minecraft set from LEGO Ideas. From Ideas’ Minecraft Micro World (21102) arose one of LEGO’s most popular licensed-IP themes. It thus feels fitting to have an anniversary milestone, or so the six rumored upcoming LEGO Minecraft sets indicate. Some of the set names even hint at creatures from the original games yet to be depicted in brick-built form. Now we get to see them following their LEGO.com listing.

According to The Brick Fan, one of these now-confirmed sets also includes a fan vote-winning entry. This was from LEGO Con 2021, regarding a new skin for the blocky LEGO Minecraft minfigures. In this case, a Minecraft Ninja won out. Let’s take a look at him and the newly-unveiled sets:

The Creeper Ambush (21177)

72 pieces | 1 minifigure | $9.99

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  • Fun-packed set – LEGO® Minecraft® The Creeper™ Ambush (21177) is bursting with characters, accessories and features to inspire endless imaginative Minecraft adventures
  • Popular characters – Includes iconic Minecraft® hero Steve, plus a baby pig, baby chicken and a red Exploding Creeper™
  • Many ways to play – Kids get creative with iron ore at the crafting table, care for animals and battle a dreaded Exploding Creeper™, which detonates when kids push a special block

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The Fox Lodge (21178)

193 pieces | 2 minifigures | $19.99

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  • Play-packed fun – LEGO® Minecraft® The Fox Lodge (21178) is bursting with characters, accessories and features to inspire endless creative play
  • Familiar figures – Includes iconic Minecraft® characters: a drowned zombie, fox, baby fox, Arctic fox and a hero figure in a fox ‘skin’
  • Creative and versatile – The structure’s open back and lift-off roof enable imaginative role play inside. Outside there are animals to care for, fish to catch and an enemy to battle

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The Mushroom House (21179)

72 pieces | 1 minifigure | $9.99

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  • Minecraft® adventures – The creative play possibilities are endless, inside and outside the fun-packed LEGO® Minecraft The Mushroom House (21179)
  • Authentic details – The set includes iconic Minecraft® characters Alex, Mooshroom and a Spider Jockey, along with cool features and fun accessories from the best-selling game
  • Inspire imaginations – Kids can lift off the roof and walls to access the house interior. Outside, there’s a mooshroom to milk and a skeleton spider jockey to battle

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The Guardian Duel (21180)

255 pieces | 1 minifigure | $24.99

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  • Underwater adventure – LEGO® Minecraft® The Guardian Battle (21180) takes players on a creative ocean-floor mission filled with characters and features from the best-selling game
  • Authentic action – The buildable coral reef and monument structure also feature iconic Minecraft® characters: a diver, glow squid, guardian, elder guardian and 3 axolotls
  • Hands-on play – There’s a coral-reef monument to build, treasure to find and hostile enemies to battle in a Minecraft® adventure that puts all the excitement of the game into kids’ hands

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The Rabbit Ranch (21181)

340 pieces | 2 minifigures | $29.99

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  • Versatile playset – LEGO® Minecraft® The Rabbit Ranch (21181) is full to the bunny ears with popular characters, accessories and features from the best-selling Minecraft game
  • Classic characters – Includes popular Minecraft® characters: the tamer, a rabbit, baby rabbit and a zombie, plus a host of fun features and amazing accessories
  • Endless play possibilities – An open back and lift-off roof enable imaginative role play inside the ranch. Outside there are animals to care for, carrots togrow and a zombie to battle

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The Training Yard (21183)

534 pieces | 2 minifigures (including NINJA fan-vote winner, LEGO Con 2021) | $69.99

LEGO 21183 Box1 v39

  • Build, play and display – LEGO® Minecraft® The Training Grounds (21183) is a rewarding building project, an exciting play experience and a spectacular model for kids to put on show
  • Iconic characters – The set includes a classic cast of Minecraft® characters: a ninja, rogue, skeleton and a bat
  • Endless play possibilities – Kids can rebuild and reconfigure this wonderfully customizable playset again and again to explore imaginative play-and-display possibilities that never end

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Catch these new LEGO Minecraft sets on January 1!

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