New LEGO Creator Flower: Sunflowers (40524) Now Revealed

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Much has been said about the advantages of artificial flowers, such as the fact that they don’t wilt. Those who like having flowery decorative cheer but not the hassle of changing fresh blooms would understandably go plastic. But “regular” artificial flowers can also feel “just so” and nothing more. Why not see what LEGO has to offer? They’ve already released quite a selection of buildable blossoms, some of which look quite real and colorful. LEGO flower sets may be found across several theme lines. But this new one, according to The Brick Fan, is brought to us by LEGO Creator.

If you like sunflowers and enjoy building LEGO, then LEGO Creator Sunflowers (40524) might be just for you. This 191-piece set gives you enough to build a pair of these big bright blooms. And if you’ve gotten the previous Creator flower sets then you’re set to customize your own bouquets and arrangements. This is yet another January 1, 2022 product launch, so mark your calendars.

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Sunflowers (40524)

191 pieces | $19.99 | coming January 1

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  • Build a sunflower display – Create a display piece for any room with the colorful LEGO® Sunflowers (40524) building kit. Includes 2 sunflower blooms with adjustable green stems and leaves
  • Combine with other sets – LEGO® Sunflowers can be displayed on its own or combined with the LEGO Roses (40460), LEGO Tulips (40461) or LEGO Flower Bouquet (10280) sets, each sold separately

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