LEGO Ideas 10-K Spotlight: Riverside Scholars and LEGO Ghibli

ideas riversidescholars

Still on LEGO Ideas, the number of submissions earning 10-K support for the Third 2021 Review Stage just got overwhelming. Now, we’re going 2-for-1 in features, with an original creation and a big licensed-IP build.

The Riverside Scholars by Hanwasyellowfirst

ideas riversidescholars 1

Sometimes, giving your product idea a backstory can enhance the build’s appeal for potential supporters on LEGO Ideas. We experienced this with the Steampunk Explorers submission from Caster-Troy and Max Brich. Hanwasyellowfirst does a more concise blurb on his product description, but what a description. “The Riverside Scholars” is a fantasy building set, depicting a tranquil retreat house straddling a small waterfall. Said house is home to three wise scholars studying life, the universe and everything. Their lifestyle entices a young boy from the nearby village to follow their footsteps.

ideas riversidescholars 2

The product idea comprises 2,500 pieces and four minifigs (the scholars and the boy). Riverside Scholars looks to be a “Zen” yet fun LEGO Ideas play-set that could also double as a meditation area decoration.

ideas riversidescholars 3

LEGO Ghibli by yop1172.

lego ghibli 1

When it comes to prestige feature-length Japanese animation, no names come first before Hayao Miyazaki and Studio Ghibli. Many of their anime movies are iconic parts of Japanese pop culture. They’ve also done heavy lifting in getting mainstream Western appreciation for the anime medium. Ideas member yop1172 proposes a “mega-set” comprising four distinct builds based on four Miyazaki-directed Studio Ghibli films.

Castle in The Sky

lego ghibli laputa

  • The first Ghibli movie directed by Miyazaki. This micro-build depicts the titular floating castle of Laputa
My Neighbor Totoro

lego ghibli totoro

  • Ghibli movie #3 and the second with Miyazaki directing. Forest spirit Totoro is buildable to accompany the Mei minifigure.
Spirited Away

lego ghibli spiritedway

  • 12th Ghibli film and sixth Miyazaki directorial masterpiece. We have spirited-away Chihiro next to the mystical bathhouse, rendered in micro scale.
Howl’s Moving Castle

lego ghibli howlcastle

  • Ghibli movie #14, and the seventh time Miyazaki was at the helm. You thought Laputa was impressive? Check out the titular (micro-scale) moving castle, in superb complexity, accompanied by Howl and Sophie.

With LEGO Ghibli, the Ideas Third 2021 Review Stage arguably has three anime-IP sets competing for reviewers’ attention. This is one set we really hope passes review. It also makes this writer think of the possibilities for LEGO Makoto Shinkai.

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