“Missing” Black Friday GWP Mr. and Mrs. Claus’ Living Room (40489) Cancelled by LEGO

40489 1

Among the promos we got for LEGO’s Black Friday-Cyber Monday event last November were the expected Holiday seasonal GWP’s. After all, Christmas was just the following month – this current month, now. While the Santa’s Front Yard (40484) gift-with-purchase set was quaint, longtime LEGO collectors might have felt it incomplete. LEGO tends to give away two (not in-store) GWPs for Black Friday, but 40484 was all we got. There was supposed to be a complementary set, called Mr. and Mrs. Claus’ Living Room (40489). It never showed all BF-CM weekend, and isn’t being hyped this December. What happened to this GWP?

The Brick Show gives us the answer. Apparently LEGO decided not to make Mr. and Mrs. Claus’ Living Room (40489) available as GWP at all. For all intents and purposes this set may well be cancelled. According to their official statement, this seasonal GWP set failed to meet quality standards. That’s too bad. Looking at the build, you could join Santa’s Front Yard (40484) to its left (“outside” the window). It would make for some improvised modular dynamics. Given LEGO’s announcement, either we’ll never see this set released, or it might be revamped for the next Holiday season. We’re sorry you can’t join us this year, Mr. and Mrs. Claus.

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