LEGO Marvel Mech Armors 2022 Delisted (Cancelled?)

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Some announced upcoming LEGO sets generate heavy anticipation from collectors that news of delays or outright cancellations can be disheartening. We’ve got an example of set cancellation this week with the second Holiday seasonal GWP for Black Friday. It’s unfortunate for Mr. and Mrs. Claus’ Living Room (40489). But apparently that wasn’t the end of it. Last month we had a peek at what to expect for LEGO Marvel in 2022. Three sets of LEGO Marvel Mech Armors were due to launch in January 1. As you may have surmised, that’s not happening according to Brickset, quite possibly at all.

Brickset reports that they didn’t receive samples set of Mech Armors Wolverine (76202), Iron Man (76203) and Black Panther (76204). While that meant they couldn’t do their early reviews, it also alerted them to related speculation elsewhere. Recall how Mr. and Mrs. Claus’ Living Room (40489) GWP was cancelled by LEGO due to “failed quality standards.” Apparently the same goes for these LEGO Marvel Mech Armor sets. Brickset even posits the possible design flaw. On our banner page above, examine Iron Man’s Mech Armor. The hip joints are 1×1 plates, and those are easily twisted with repeated use and motions.

The situation of these delisted LEGO Marvel sets is ambiguous at present. LEGO hasn’t clarified if the sets are just being held back for redesign, or completely cancelled. Thankfully the fourth known January 1 LEGO Marvel set doesn’t seem to be affected. We can still look forward to the buildable Infinity Saga Iron Man Figure (76206) this coming New Year.

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