More 10-K Submissions to LEGO Ideas Third 2021 Review Stage: Pirate Tavern and Orchid

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Hoping for a new 10-K-supported product idea on LEGO Ideas to report on kind of backfired for us. Anyway, with this double-header of a feature we would’ve covered all recent additions to their Third 2021 Review Stage. The prevalence of “cool building” set submissions remains unchanged, barring some notable exceptions.

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Pirate Tavern

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Ideas member Revan New gives us a product idea that evokes the classic LEGO Pirate theme plus history lesson. The build depicts, like its name, a tavern used by pirates as he imagines from the Caribbean island of Tortuga. Now a tourist destination in Haiti, Tortuga was a notorious pirate haven in the 17th Century. Revan New does add some anachronistic steampunk elements to the Pirate Tavern, but they only enhance the appeal.

ideas piratetavern 3

Indeed, the mix of 17th-Century architecture with steam tanks and pipes, plus a complex winch crane, is eye-catching. The Pirate Tavern also looks like it stands on water, with access by boat on the front-door dock. LEGO Pirates is alive and well in this product idea, should it pass review.

ideas piratetavern 4


ideas orchid 1

LEGO somehow netted flower lovers among their fans with their many buildable floral sets. JamesZHAN looks to channel that brick-built botanical aesthetic with his arrangement of white orchids. This product idea was originally conceived in 2018, when JamesZHAN had it displayed at the LEGO House Masterpiece Gallery. Some issues he cited with the set’s weight and balanced were fixed in his LEGO Ideas version.

ideas orchid 2

The Orchid build depicts a White Orchid plant with a Sinocrassula Indica growing at its feet. Both plants are “potted” in a large white 2×2 LEGO brick. The white orchid has seven flowers in bloom and six buds. All in all, this is an epic LEGO floral build that collectors of LEGO Botany and Creator would love to pick up.

ideas orchid 3

And that’s that! The LEGO Ideas Third 2021 Review Stage now has 25 product ideas with 10-K support, including these.

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