Tallneck (76989): Rumored LEGO Horizon Zero Dawn Set Partially Listed on German Retailer


Never let it be said that videogames are underrepresented among the myriad of licensed IPs in partnership with LEGO. They’ve scored some hits for all possible age groups too. We’ve gotten LEGO Super Mario for kids/families, Overwatch for older builders/gamers, and Minecraft for everybody. Even a good number of submissions on LEGO Ideas take after videogame IPs. At times it feels like it’s just a matter of time before another game franchise gets the LEGO treatment. Sometimes however, we receive some surprises. There was a rumor of upcoming LEGO sets for a certain game series that has seemingly been substantiated.

We got this information from another German LEGO news source, StoneWars. Apparently the rumored LEGO set for the PlayStation 4 videogame “Horizon Zero Dawn” will be coming out next year. This info came from a product listing on the website of German toy retailer Wagner’s. The set will be the LEGO Horizon Zero Dawn – Tallneck, numbered 76989. As expected from its original material, the set is marked age 18+, with 1,222 pieces and priced at €79.99. Europe at least could see the set by May 2022, though the same probably holds true around the world.

If you’re no gamer (or PS4 gamer at least), we have this handy-dandy recap. “Horizon Zero Dawn” by Guerilla Games is a 2017 action RPG released by Sony on the PlayStation 4. It takes place in a post-apocalyptic 31st Century where mankind has been reduced to a tribal existence. Their world is also home to machines, large robots with animal forms capable of self-replicating by consuming biomass. The Tallneck (76989) is a giraffe-like machine creature, hunted by “HZD” main character Aloy throughout the game’s storyline.

Now remember, this LEGO set retail listing remains rumor until LEGO themselves would confirm it.

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