“Asterix the Gaul” Set: Another 10-K Support for LEGO Ideas Review

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Watching the development of common themes among the 10-K-supported entries of the LEGO Ideas Third 2021 Review Stage is fascinating. Somehow the degree of variety in the submissions might factor into which product ideas might pass review. For the Third 2021 Stage the field of entries is filled with buildings. There is also an ensemble of licensed-IP builds, from both western and eastern pop cultural media. We’ve seen aspiring sets based on American films and TV shows, as well as those from iconic anime series. Therefore we think this new submission with 10,000 supporters, based on a Franco-Belgian comic-book franchise, is a new standout proposal.

ideas asterix 1

Here we have the preview images of Asterix the Gaul, as rendered by LEGO Ideas member Ganpat the Celt. His story-setting build is akin to the Brooklyn Nine-Nine 99th Precinct build of BenFrankhauser. Rather than a full interior, we get a façade of the house of Asterix the potion-empowered Gaul.

ideas asterix 2

His front yard also boasts a who’s who of characters from his comic. Best buddy Obelix is there, as well as the potion-making druid Panoramix, and their other Gaulish friends and neighbors. Not everyone present have some nice intentions though. Three pesky Roman invaders also seek to ruin everybody’s day.

ideas asterix 3

What we have here is Ganpat the Celt’s memorialization of a pillar of Franco-Belgian comic storytelling. The adventures of “Asterix” count among the many properties that made FB comic books internationally renowned. His late creators René Goscinny and Albert Uderzo would have been mighty pleased by this. We can be sure that the 10-K support for Asterix the Gaul came from a solid European fandom. We’re looking forward to seeing how it does under review.

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