LEGO Lunar New Year 2022 Sets Now Available in UK/Europe and Asia-Pacific

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The end of a year and the beginning of the next is a period home to three major holidays. First is Christmas, followed by two New Year’s celebrations, the Western one and the Lunar, or Chinese one. But in terms of gift-giving connotations, Christmas and Chinese New Year bear greater prominence in the West and East respectively. It’s no surprise therefore that LEGO has been releasing seasonal sets to commemorate these occasions. We’ve seen their latest Christmas and CNY sets already. The former have had their heyday, while the latter are coming soon. However for the UK/Europe and Asia-Pacific, LEGO Chinese New Year has arrived.

80108 box1 v39

Indeed, as reported by Brickset, both East and West – or part of it, can now purchase LEGO’s CNY 2022 sets. Lunar New Year Traditions (80108) and Lunar New Year Ice Festival (80109) launched this past Sunday, December 26. Such early availability is a testament to Chinese New Year tie-ins having become a major LEGO selling point worldwide. Both sets also make great sources of new unique minifigures: 12 from 80108 and 13 from 80109. Their home market and Europe can enjoy these sets if desired. North American collectors however have to wait until January 10.

80109 box1 v39

In UK/Europe, LEGO Lunar New Year Traditions (80108) is priced £59.99/€69.99, while Lunar New Year Ice Festival (80109) is £89.99/€99.99.

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