LEGO Ideas: “Three Investigators” by Valkon Gains 10-K Support

ideas valkon threeinvestigators

For aspiring builder-members of LEGO Ideas, almost any subject or franchise not touched by LEGO before has “set potential.” Builders could drum attention for IPs that might be considered obscure outside their core fandoms. We can see this in some submissions of the Third 2021 Review Stage. Who can readily remember the “Short Circuit” duology of 1980s sci-fi comedy films? Outside its native Finland (and adoptive home of Japan), who knows of the adorable “Moomins“? In the LEGO Ideas product idea stage, none of it matters but the set build. Now, it’s a 1960s-80s young-reader detective story series’ turn to impress.

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The Three Investogators

If you know other youth-sleuth detective series beyond “Nancy Drew” and “The Hardy Boys,” you’ve probably read “The Three Investigators.” Created by Robert Arthur, the investigators are three teen amateur detectives living in coastal California. With the initial patronage of iconic film director Alfred Hitchcock, the Three Investigators tackled mysteries from 1964 to 1987. Despite cancellation in the US, the franchise has continued internationally, particularly in Germany. LEGO Ideas member Valkon created a brick-built rendition of the investigators’ office/headquarters. This product idea just gained 10,000 supporters over the weekend. Now the impending scrutiny of the review team awaits it.

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Junkyard Office

Readers of “The Three Investigators” would recall the titular team working out of a trailer inside a salvage yard. Valkon brings the setting to life in one of the busiest building sets yet depicted in LEGO Ideas. The trailer’s front yard is littered in random junk, with a table saw, birdhouse and bikes. Our heroes Jupiter Jones (German “Justus Jonas”), Peter Crenshaw (“Shaw”) and Bob Andrews operate their business inside the trailer. We see accurate depictions of their office, photography darkroom and multiple secret entrances as described in the books. “Three Investigators” fans would certainly love to see this become an official LEGO Ideas set someday.

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