LEGO Jan-May 2022 Catalog Now Available Online in Multiple Language Editions

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As the previous year drew to a close, LEGO fired up collectors with a glimpse of what’s more to come. They did so in the form of their periodic product catalogs, the latest issue covering January to May 2022. LEGO news sources worldwide that managed to score print copies of their respective regional catalogs posed page-scans online. They became our top resources on what LEGO sets to expect this New Year. Some of those sets we already featured here in The Brick Show. Of course, LEGO also provides digital copies of the same product catalogs. And now they’re available online.

Thanks to German LEGO news site Promobricks, we’re aware that the Jan-May 2022 LEGO catalogs are now in servers. Indeed, we said catalogs (plural), due to the various regional/language editions available for browsing and download. The different versions go beyond mere translating product details into other languages. Their volume of content varies too. We pointed this out last December, with set details from the Hungary catalog not included in the German version. Promobricks did a database of the editions, showing Spain/Portugal and France both with just 76 pages. Italy by contrast has 144 pages.

Interestingly, the US is yet to upload their copy of the catalog in their page. Then again, the contents may well be similar to the UK version viewable here. We encourage you to have a peek in as many versions of the Jan-May 2022 catalogs as you can. It could help you greatly with your collecting efforts. The print catalogs available in retailers and LEGO Stores are still there as well. We do hope that they don’t follow the monthly store calendars into phase-out.

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