“Cancelled” LEGO Marvel Mech Armor 2022 Sets Coming Again, on April 1

76203 box1

Just because LEGO cranks out set after set, at monthly intervals every year, doesn’t mean they’re perfect manufacturers. Even with all their experience the designers can still make mistakes. Sometimes, that leads to anticipated sets being held back, or worse, cancelled. Late last year we received word of three LEGO Marvel sets for the Mech Armor product line. Unfortunately, LEGO scrapped their planned January 1, 2022 release date and delisted them from their online shop. The company even released a statement explaining how the items “failed quality standards,” with news sources citing bad structural choices. For a time, collectors thought these LEGO Marvel Mech Armors will never come at all.

76202 box1

Not so, according to a report by The Brick Fan. Not only are the missing upcoming Mech Armors back online, they have a new launch date. Marvel fans can get the Wolverine (76202), Iron Man (76203) and Black Panther (76204) Mech Armors months from now. They’re expected to become available at the same $9.99 SRP this April 1st. But wait, you ask. The date’s sus, you say. But in our opinion, LEGO’s not going to use these sets for April Fools. Let’s wait for April 1 to know for sure.

76204 box1

LEGO news site analysis of the quality issues which delayed the LEGO Marvel sets points at flimsy brick assembly. Most likely, the 1×1 plates serving as the Mech Armor’s hip joints would quickly wear down from play-articulation. Thus far, the box images haven’t been altered to confirm if that was the issue which needed fixing. Again, the definitive proof might have to wait until April Fools’ Day, which we’re sure doesn’t involve these LEGO sets.

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