LEGO Ideas First 2022 Review Stage Begins with “Forestmen Secret Inn” 10-K Support

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As we’ve reported prior, the LEGO Ideas Third 2021 Review Stage closed earlier this week. By the end of it, 36 product ideas gained 10-K support for inclusion in the group review. That much was detailed in a LEGO Ideas Blog post this past Monday. We’ve had the pleasure of covering each submission. The concepts vary in idea, theme and licensing, although most were building sets in some form. But before we get to that, we also noticed that a new product idea with the support milestone has appeared. It’s now the inaugural entry to the First 2022 Review Stage.

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Facebrickup tips the hat to LEGO’s building and medieval-theme fandoms with “The Forestmen Secret Inn.” It features expies of Robin Hood and his Merry Men in their secret lair, an inn hidden within the forest. The building features some mechanical gimmicks like fold-out awnings and opening from the back to reveal the interior.

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Our not-Robin is accompanied by two other Forestmen and a Forestmaid managing the inn. He even gets a partner stag to sell the Forest atmosphere. As for the inn, the details are great. We get three stories plus loads of furnishings and props for a lived-in feel.

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In summation, this is a great start for the newest LEGO Ideas Review Stage, the first this year. Meanwhile, the 36 product ideas of Third 2021 Review Stage should indeed be being reviewed now. Their earlier brethren from Second 2021 might soon be getting their final verdicts for official LEGO set-dom soon. You can check the remaining under-review submissions from year 2021 here. With that done, here’s a summary of the Third 2021 10-K sets:

Third 2021 Review Stage Submissions:

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