LEGO Pizza Tile Made Real on Twitter


LEGO’s near-infinite variety of pieces also includes elements depicting food items for the minifigures. These range from beverage glasses and cups, to pieces shaped like fruits and vegetables, to tiles representing plates. That last group would also include one familiar LEGO food piece: pizza. Believe it or not, the LEGO pizza tile can be used to check the evolution of detail in LEGO sets. The most recent iterations of the pizza piece can be found in two sets that launched this past New Year’ Day. And surely some builders have looked at a LEGO pizza tile and wondered: How does it look like when life-sized?

Well, Brick Fanatics tells us that a Twitter user went and recreated a LEGO pizza piece in 1:1 scale. Did we mention the de-fictionalization was made of edible ingredients? User girlpatched space dog (@dogs_on_mars) posted photos of her efforts on Twitter Sunday, January 23. As seen in the photo above @ dogs_on_mars made an actual pizza, using food colorings to achieve the right tile colors. The crust is a bright yellow, while cheddar slices went under the tomato sauce. The green spots, which the creator believes are green-colored pepperoni, were replicated with green food color.

As if that wasn’t enough, girlpatched space dog decided to take things full circle. She scanned her actual LEGO pizza in Bricklink Studio to make a custom pizza piece. The results can be seen in the second tweet series above. The green pepperoni apparently didn’t translate well, and commenters offered that the green stuff was probably basil. But hey, we appreciate the experiment. At least we now know how LEGO minifigs perceive their pizza tiles.

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