First Peek at LEGO Creator 3-in-1 Sets Coming March 1

31126 banner

Judging from the buzz we’ve been getting online over the weekend, LEGO is gearing for another mass release in March. A number of reveals covering several prominent LEGO themes are getting collectors excited for what’s coming. Some of these sets have been teased far back in the year that came before. These following items in particular surfaced in September 2021, when we covered them here on The Brick Show. Several set numbers for LEGO Creator were rattled off back then. Brickset managed to spot some of them off German retailer JB Spielwaren. If you like Creator 3-in-1 then you’re sure to love these upcoming launches.

  • Off-Road Buggy (31123)160 pieces, €14.99/$16.74

31123 2

  • Super Robot (31124)159 pieces, €9.99/$11.16

31124 2

  • Mythical Forest Creatures (31125)175 pieces, €14.99/$16.74

31125 2

  • Supersonic Jet (31126)215 pieces, €19.99/$22.32

31126 2

  • Street Car (31127)258 pieces, €19.99/$22.32

31127 2

  • Dolphin and Turtle (31128)137 pieces, €9.99/$11.16

31128 2

All US$ prices are direct and exact conversions of the Euro pricing.

If you’d recall the September 2021 report we did on these 2022 Creator sets, you’ll realize this list is incomplete. Four more sets remain unlisted. They might not even come out on March 1. You know what that means: more waiting. In fact, we must also wait for until LEGO officially lists these Creator 3-in-1 items in the online shop. We’ll probably see that as February 2022 arrives this week.

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