Jiwoo’s “The Library” gains 10-K Support on LEGO Ideas

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Many submissions to LEGO Ideas vying for official-set status tend to fall into already-existing main LEGO themes. We’ve certainly featured a multitude of contemporary building sets that would look right at home in LEGO City neighborhoods. The previous Review Stage gave us a music store and train station among several 10-K-supported sets fitting the City mold. Heck, LEGO City may be one of the easiest go-to themes for conceptualizing a product idea. Take for instance this submission by Ideas member Jiwoo, depicting a library building. But it’s not just any public library; it’s “The Library.”

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Jiwoo pretty much mentions LEGO City as being where his submission easily fits in. The Library is a brick-built triumph of LEGO architecture, blending historical structural design with a bold present-day twist. The building is 3/4ths old-timer building with a large book-shaped edifice on one side. This fourth of the structure houses the stair access to the library’s two stories and roof deck.

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The first floor is a cozy reading room dominated by tall floor-to-ceiling windows.

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Floor two houses the book collection and an electronic database for quick reference. If a minifig patron prefers to read in the open air, they can use the table and chairs at the rooftop.

The Library exterior goes out of the way to make the establishment very welcoming. At the corner stand a classic lamppost and sign.

ideas jiwoo thelibrary 4

There’s even a pencil-shaped bench on one side to indicate that yes, this is a library building.

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As for the book stairwell, three panels allow builders to peek into the interior for easy play access.

About the only downside we can see in this great submission is the fact that it includes only one “manager” minifigure. Regardless, Jiwoo’s “The Library” earned its 10-K support, so good luck.

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