Boeing 747 Cockpit by DarrenJones Joines LEGO Ideas First 2022 Review Stage

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Vehicle builds are a popular submission on LEGO Ideas, in hope that reviewers approve them for official set-hood. If you’ve been following us on The Brick Show, you know how many product ideas get into the review stages. For the First 2022 we have several vehicle submissions already. They range from the real-life, to sci-fi, to even steampunk and magical. Still vehicles, like other LEGO build themes, can become tedious the more there are passing 10-K support for review. Somehow a product idea must do something to stand out. If you ask us, this submission by member DarrenJones does that.

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A new 10-K supported product idea is this Boeing 747 Cockpit. Like the name says, this is a recreation in scale of the original jumbo jet’s pilot cockpit. Contributor DarrenJones believes this build could make it as a LEGO Ideas set based on initial commentators. The setup makes good use of LEGO elements from the more advanced building systems.

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The result is a cutaway view of the 747 cockpit featuring the instrument panel and seats for pilot and copilot. The beauty part is in the amount of details DarrenJones put in the instrumentation, flight controls and even the seats themselves.

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Movable piloting yokes, control sticks and levers are just some of the technical features of this 747 Cockpit build. The instrument gauges and displays may not be 1:1 accurate, but they bring genuine sophistication to the setup. The seats are also movable. DarrenJones also adds a name plate that is flanked by male and female pilot minifigures.

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The creator sees some necessary alterations should the build be accepted as a LEGO Ideas set. But it must first survive the gauntlet of the First 2022 Review Stage, which isn’t over yet.

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