Hanging Flowers Gets 10-K Support for LEGO Ideas First 2022 Review

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After our “new upcoming LEGO Ideas sets” report earlier, we return to the routine 10-K support update. Our next addition to the First 2022 Review Stage is a plant-build set. Sometimes it comes across that we have minimal words to say about brick-built plants and flowers. After all, they tend to be build-and-display, with options of replacing plant colors or fixed poses. Perhaps we might focus on a unique enough feature, like the Terrarium bottles in the product idea from Third 2021. This new submission with 10,000 supporters from 10K Club Member Ralf Ranghaal has such a feature worth noting.

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Most LEGO Botanical plant sets we’ve seen need to stand on surfaces. Ralf Ranghaal presents us his idea for Hanging Flowers. This build depicts two plant containers with a metal hanging framework supported by LEGO plastic-chain elements. The smaller one has three chains and the larger, four. The set would come with a multitude of plant-leaf and flower elements to customize the featured colors and blossoms. His default setup features subdued and realistic constructs, but bright green leave are also available. This is the first pure plant-build submission for the LEGO Ideas First 2022 Review. We’re hoping for more that green-thumb LEGO collectors might fancy.

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