First Image of LEGO Vespa 125 (10298) Seen

10298 banner

It can be testing to one’s patience sometimes to wait for certain LEGO sets first revealed in rumors. In November last year, we first got wind of a Creator Expert set depicting a Vespa scooter. Apparently, this set (10298) would release this year, accompanied by a GWP numbered 40517. We might have spotted the latter in a LEGO Creator set “group picture” last month. As for the main set, it was announced for reveal this coming Thursday, February 24. Creator Expert Vespa (10298) might launch this March 1. But dealers elsewhere have jumped the gun, and now we have images.

As told by Promobricks, an early purchaser has gotten the LEGO 1960s Vespa 125 set (10298). YouTuber MandRproductions reviewed his early acquisition on his channel, where we got this big nice box photo. It seems not to have the Creator Expert logo and may just be a “for Adults” set, judging from the Age 18+. The Vespa has 1,106 pieces to build the scooter itself, plus a helmet with goggles and a rear box with flowers. Earlier rumors of the set being colored primarily green were quashed by the box image’s blue. This set is freestanding thanks to a kickstand.

With this quick update, we risk repeating ourselves for when LEGO makes its official announcement on February 24. Our next word on the LEGO Vespa (10298) may well be its product listing. There’s a possibility we’ll hear also of its still-rumored tie-in GWP (40517). Just keep watching this space.

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