LEGO Creator Vespa (40517) Joins Expert Version (10298) in Listing

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Whenever LEGO sets we first learn of as rumors and speculations are officially announced, we can’t help but feel relieved. After all, the suspenseful wait, learning if a revealed set is true, might end with a product listing. There’s also the matter of whether the advance info was accurate, or if it meant something else. Anyway, the period of uncertainty about the LEGO Creator Expert Vespa (10298) is over as of this weekend. There’s still one part of the initial product rumor that must be addressed however. But that too has become moot with the latest LEGO shop listing.

The Brick Fan tells us that the miniature Vespa (40517) initially rumored alongside the big version is officially listed. Compared to its Creator Expert version (10298), the 40517 edition is obviously small. And yet it captures the distinctive design contours and aesthetics of the Vespa scooter series. Sure it has no rear basket or other accessories, but the vehicle itself is as sweet build. Of course, we’ve known this since the reveal of the set in that January 2022 “group picture.” With its size dimensions, one might be able to pose a LEGO buildable figure set to ride it, even.

But we’re rambling. Here’re some of the official details for the Creator Vespa (40517). Note that it will be launching at the same time as the Creator Expert set (10298).

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Vespa (40517)

Age 9+ | 118 pieces | $9.99 | Coming March 1, 2022

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Kids can pretend to zip through the streets with this brilliant model of the iconic Vespa (40517) scooter. It features many of the Vespa’s distinctive details, including its handlebars and seat, and comes in a bold red color. A brilliant gift for LEGO® fans aged 9 and up who have a passion for cool vehicles.

  • Authentic features – Kids can play out fun scenes with the LEGO® Creator Vespa scooter and enjoy details such as its distinctive handlebars and seat
  • Creative fun – LEGO® fans aged 9 and up who love vehicles can use the Vespa to play out action-packed stories or add it to other sets for more fun

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