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This was certainly another LEGO set that was heavily anticipated by collectors since the latter half of 2021. After a number of rumors and leaks, LEGO finally has this Creator Expert set’s product listing up. We now have their official word on the long-teased Vespa 125 (10298) as shared to us by Brick Fanatics. Sure, some retailers may have jumped the gun and released it early, giving us our first look. But it’s nothing like getting the info right from LEGO itself. This brick-built rendition of the famous Italian scooter brand is yet another prize item for 18+ LEGO collectors.

And it’s an absolute beauty, have no doubt. Creator Expert 10298 not only replicates the 1960s Vespa Piaggo. It makes the vehicle look like it’s at home in Italy, with the rear basket, flowers and Italian license plate. The helmet and goggles also make for a nice touch. Vespa aficionados celebrating the brand’s 75th year can’t go wrong with this LEGO collaboration. Like many Creator Expert vehicles, Vespa 125 has plenty of mechanical gimmicks. The handlebar steering works, as do the kickstand. Even the scooter engine sports great detail under the removable cover. If you haven’t lucked out with the “early buyers,” then wait for Vespa 125 (10298) to launch for real in March 1.

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Vespa 125 (10298)

Age 18+ | 1,106 pieces | $99.99 | Coming March 1

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  • Assemble your own LEGO® Vespa 125 – Build a detailed displayable model of an Italian icon with this building set (10298) for adults
  • Inspired by the original – This brick-built Vespa features a front wheel mounted on one side, 2 seats, a removable engine cover with a brick-built engine underneath, and working steering
  • Extra details – Finishing touches include the Vespa logo, a classic 1960s Italian license plate, a spare wheel, helmet and an accessories basket with flower bouquet
  • Designed for Vespa fans – To celebrate Vespa’s 75th anniversary, the LEGO® designers have worked with the lifestyle brand to create a model to appeal to lovers of Italian culture

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