The Opera: Another Jiwoo Build Joins First 2022 Review

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Many members of LEGO Ideas might build plenty enough product ideas to vie for support and review approval. The pace at which support builds to 10,000 will decide when a submission gets added to the currently ongoing Review Stage. As such, sometimes multiple builds by one member-creator might end up bunched together for reviewers. Speaking of which, that has indeed happened for this First 2022 Review Stage. Late last January, LEGO Ideas member Jiwoo saw his artistically eye-catching library build reach 10-K support. On the last weekend of February that submission is joined by another of Jiwoo’s LEGO City-esque builds.

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What could possibly equal, or top, Jiwoo’s Library with its architectural design fusion aesthetic? How about a night at The Opera? Indeed, the newest Jiwoo product idea for First 2022 Review is a regally tall opera house. Its dimensions are rather similar to the earlier Library submission, with three levels (just no rooftop deck).

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Rather than the mixed classical/modern look of his library build, The Opera is more opulent. From the front door, the hallway leads to two staircases: left to the orchestra seats, right to the balcony. The opera chamber itself is beautifully rendered. And Jiwoo also considered ease of access to the interior in designing the set’s mechanics.

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Open Sesame, and All That

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In the back of the building, at one corner, one can find a button. With a simple press, the rear wall of the opera house can open wide on hinges. Now one can check out the opera chamber, scaled for minifigures. Like with the library, The Opera comes with just one doorman minifig. But it would be possible to fill the inside with LEGO minifigures. Play out productions of “Barber of Seville” or maybe “Hamilton” if you prefer something modern.

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Jiwoo’s LEGO Ideas submissions are yet more aspiring sets that could slot right in to any LEGO City neighborhood. They also have a unifying aesthetic of their own to really stand out from other brick-buildings. Nobody knows how First 2022 Review will play out, but this set has our vote if we had one.

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