Rumors of More New Big (and Pricey) LEGO Marvel Sets for 2022

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Even as a new LEGO Marvel set officially launched at the start of March, more products are on the way. The once believed-cancelled latest Mech Armors will debut next month, alongside new Brick Sketches sets.  And those are only for the confirmed upcoming arrivals. On the rumor front, we have some numbers and product details speculated late last February. Their alleged prices range from mid-grade to a 3-digit quotation for a new Sanctum Sanctorum (76218). And if this new LEGO Marvel rumor from social media checks out, we have more arriving, including another epic set.

As told by Brick Fanatics, some additional LEGO Marvel sets are believed coming later this year. Instagram user brick_clicker provides at least three numbers and product descriptions. One of them is actually the (apparently modular) Sanctum Sanctorum (76218) we mentioned earlier, priced $209.99.

The other two additions are more 3-digit price sets. In fact, the values provided makes the new Sanctum Sanctorum look rather affordable. Now, brick_clicker notes that he made a mistake in the LEGO set number-description pairing, as outlined in the caption. We’ll lay out the further details on these Marvel builds here:

  • 76210Unconfirmed; believed to be either Avengers Tower or Helicarrier, $499.99
  • Hulk-Buster (76215)more or less 2,500 pieces, $299.99

Yep, we’re probably getting a new Avengers Tower or Helicarrier sometime in 2022 for around $500. That could put the size of the build anywhere between the Titanic (10294) and UCS AT-AT (75313). Now that’s an acquisition for the Age 18+ LEGO collector. That said, the above info must be considered rumor for now until LEGO officially opens up about them.

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