LEGO Avatar Theme Confirmed by Disney, Lightstorm Entertainment

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New themes for LEGO sets are always welcome for fans and collectors. And if the theme happens to be from a licensed IP, then it’s all the better. Beyond just the cool sets we can expect, licensed IP LEGO themes have the potential to become even more. We’re talking “videogames and TV/movies” more. That’s why recent rumors of a new LEGO theme codenamed “coconut” have generated lots of interest and speculation. First it was the believed return of the short-lived LEGO Indiana Jones. Then it was trumpeted to be LEGO Avatar, based on James Cameron’s sci-fi blockbuster franchise. It may as well be confirmed now.

The Brick Fan tells us that LEGO has indeed scored a license to make sets out of the “Avatar” films. Curiously, this comes not from LEGO but Disney, which now owns 20th Century Films that released the 2009 blockbuster. Its long-awaited sequel “Avatar 2” will premiere in the 2022 holidays. Lightstorm Entertainment, which produced the “Avatar” films, told License Global about their planned merchandising collaborations. According to Lightstorm President Kathy Franklin, they gave LEGO rights to make sets for the original movie and follow-up. They’re supposed to be action sets recreating key moments from “Avatar” and the upcoming “Avatar 2.”

In line with that, we already have rumors of the first four sets for the LEGO Avatar theme. These items carry set numbers 75571-75574, ranging in price from $40-140, and expected to launch this October. Now we know the line’s actually coming. Perhaps the speculation can move onto what film scenes or perhaps vehicles may be adapted into LEGO sets. Meanwhile, “Avatar 2” brings back Sam Worthington, Zoe Saldana, and amazingly Sigourney Weaver and Stephen Lang. Michelle Yeoh and Vin Diesel join James Cameron’s sequel, premiering on December 16, 2022.

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