LEGO Star Wars Death Star Trench Run (75329) Listed on Amazon Spain

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It’s come to our attention that new upcoming LEGO Star Wars set reveals are getting rather spread out lately. You may recall last weekend a set due to be revealed by Walmart on their Collector Con this week. We could rest assured that it wasn’t the only new LEGO Star Wars stuff this time of the year. It was just an assumption that others may be listed online at LEGO Shop. Perhaps that could’ve been how things played out, if not for some early peek-a-boos courtesy of Amazon in Europe.

As told by Brickset, the Spanish Amazon website prematurely listed another hot LEGO Star Wars item. What we got is an awesome diorama depicting the Death Star Trench Run (75329). Who can forget this scene from the very first “Star Wars” film (“Episode IV – A New Hope”) back since 1977? The set features a cross-section of the Death Star Trench. Luke Skywalker’s Red 5 X-Wing blazes through with TIE Fighters led by Darth Vader on his tail. Clear parts suspend the starfighters in dynamic poses. According to the listing, details on Death Star Trench Run (75329) were at least made known. It has 665 pieces and a €59.99 price tag, and will release May.

If you recall, the LEGO Star Wars Trash Compactor set supposed to debut at Walmart Collector Con was numbered 75329. That’s no longer the case now, but apparently the set’s still on. The Collector Con kicks off March 24, and hopefully we’ll get better info on that upcoming release too.

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