LEGO Marvel Doctor Strange Sanctum Sanctorum (76218) Seen at LEGO Con 2022

LEGO Marvel Doctor Strange Sanctum Sanctorum

You know the drill. Many LEGO sets teased over the past weeks and months finally appeared in LEGO Con 2022. Now all collectors have to do is wait out the remaining days until their official release. One of the biggest expected launches is definitely for LEGO Marvel. Indeed, the LEGO Marvel Doctor Strange Sanctum Sanctorum set of old (76108) has been given a massive makeover. This new set, numbered 76218, will arrive in the wake of MCU film “Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness”. True, the movie came out back in May. But the title’s in the box so that’s that.

Anyway, Promobricks tells us that like other LEGO Con reveals, the new Sanctum Sanctorum set (76218) is coming this August. This definitely is multitudes more awesome than the original 2018 version. Key characters from “Multiverse of Madness” are joined by other MCU regulars in this epic building/battle set. Our Doctor Strange must team up with Wong, Iron Man and Spider-Man against multiple threats to the Sanctum. Several alternates of Strange are just the tip of the iceberg. Mordo, Ebony Maw and a now-villainous Scarlet Witch will really make our heroes work for victory. And with that, here’s the product info:

LEGO Marvel Doctor Strange Sanctum Sanctorum

LEGO Marvel Doctor Strange Sanctum Sanctorum (76218)

Age 18+ | 2,708 pieces | 9 minifigures | $249.99 | Coming August 1

76218 alt2

Capture the magic of Doctor Strange with the stunning LEGO® Marvel Sanctum Sanctorum (76218).

  • A celebration of Doctor Strange – LEGO® Marvel Sanctum Sanctorum (76218) is a 3-story, 360-degree, modular construction project for adult fans of the Marvel Universe
  • Iconic Marvel characters – The set includes Doctor Strange, Wong, Iron Man, Spider-Man, Ebony Maw, Master Mordo, Sinister Strange, Dead Strange and The Scarlet Witch minifigures
  • Realistic details – The model is filled with familiar features and authentic accessories from the Marvel Studios’ Avengers: Infinity War and Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness movies

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