More LEGO Minecraft 2022 Sets Unveiled at LEGO Con 2022

More LEGO Minecraft 2022

The LEGO Con 2022 reveal train has no brakes or something to that effect. We got plenty of neat set reveals on June 18. Among them were notable anniversary milestone entries. Earlier, we touched on two 90th-anniversary LEGO sets joining the Icons theme. But this year also marks a decade since LEGO Ideas released a set for the hit videogame franchise “Minecraft.” Collectors saw this one-off item birth a popular LEGO product line. And while some entries for the theme have already been released earlier this year, there are still more, particularly with the reveal of more LEGO Minecraft 2022 sets.

According to Brickset, two more LEGO Minecraft 2022 sets saw the light of day at LEGO Con last Saturday. These ones fill out the set number list we caught back in February. Get ready to expand the brick-built Minecraft world with the Skeleton Dungeon (21189) and The Abandoned Village (21190). As many of the LEGO Con reveals, they’ll arrive this August. Now let’s have a look at their product listing info:

More LEGO Minecraft 2022

The Skeleton Dungeon (21189)

Age 8+ | 364 pieces | 4 minifigures | $34.99 | Coming August 1

21189 1

  • Action-packed set for Minecraft® players – With classic details, hands-on features and multiple biomes, LEGO® Minecraft The Skeleton Dungeon (21189) has everything kids need for endless adventures
  • Iconic features – Includes the cave explorer, 3 skeletons and 3 biomes: a dripstone cave with a rock-fall function; a lush cave with bushes, clay and torches; and a dungeon with a skeleton spawner
  • Many ways to play – Kids can build, explore, battle and operate fun features as they embark on endless Minecraft® adventures, then rebuild the set for even more creative play


More LEGO Minecraft 2022

The Abandoned Village (21190)

Age 8+ | 422 pieces | 3 minifigures | $44.99 | Coming August 1

21190 1

  • Battle-and-build action for Minecraft® players – Kids need all their Minecraft know-how as they reclaim and rebuild a creepy zombie village with the LEGO® Minecraft The Abandoned Village (21190) set
  • 4-part playset – Includes 2 zombies and a zombie hunter, a zombie hunter’s campsite, zombie villager’s workplace, zombie farmer’s pumpkin patch, an abandoned house and lots of authentic accessories
  • Endless creative play – Players must reclaim a creepy village from zombies, then rebuild it in their personal style, ready for more Minecraft® adventures

Other LEGO Minecraft sets in this batch have already been launched earlier. The Bakery (21184), The Nether Bastion (21185), The Ice Castle (21186), The Red Barn (21187), and The Llama Village (21188) are available at

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