“A-Team” Van by MOCturnal Again Reaches LEGO Ideas Review Stage (Second 2022)

"A-Team Van" LEGO Ideas submission by MOCturnal

If at first it doesn’t succeed, try again. So, if you’re a LEGO Ideas member and your submission fails getting support or passing review, don’t quit. Trying to determine which of the many product ideas on the platform are rehashes is a futile exercise. For instance, this new 10K-supported entry to the Second 2022 Review Stage…isn’t all-new. It previously got into the Second 2021 Review Stage late last year. Obviously, it failed to pass muster that time. But now the creator has refurbished the concept and presented it again. The fact that it maxed-support again proves there’s great potential here.

"A-Team Van" LEGO Ideas submission by MOCturnal

For another shot at official LEGO set-hood, here’s “The A-Team: I Love It When a Plan Comes Together”. So confident is creator MOCturnal at this build that it looks unchanged from its previous review campaign. We’re not surprised. That modified black GMC van from the legendary 1980s TV series never looked so awesome in brick-form. MOCturnal (formerly HenkvdL05) based the design on LEGO’s since-2020 8-stud width standard for vehicle sets. This has worked great for vehicles both compact enough but still be properly-scaled for minifigures. As you can see, we’re recycling images from the original submission; it’s the same anyway.


To recap, this “A-Team” van product idea has the titular A-Team foursome as minifigures, plus gear. The van also has various equipment at back, behind the seats. There’s really not much more to add. We certainly hope MOCturnal has better prospects for his creation in LEGO Ideas Second 2022 Review Stage. It counts as the 33rd entry for this batch of ideas due for review.

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