LEGO Ideas 2021 Second Review Stage Ends with 34 Submissions for Review

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With LEGO Ideas being a well-established venue for aspiring brick-builders to shoot for designing an official set, the number of submissions to the platform has only increased in recent years. In this Second 2021 Review Stage alone, 34 proposals passed the qualifying period before it ended this September 6. We had the sublime pleasure of featuring some of these winners of 10-K support for review. As expected, the batch is another blend of brilliant original creations and licensed-IP homages. Without further ado, let’s enumerate these hopefuls:

  1. Imperial Island Fort
  2. Movie Set
  3. Lifeguard’s Shack
  4. BTS Dynamite
  5. A-Frame Cabin
  6. Spaceballs
  7. The Costume Store
  8. Boston Dynamics Spot (1:4 Scale Motorized Model)
  9. Medieval Tavern
  10. Tavern Under the Snow
  11. Women of Computing
  12. Working Mini Golf Course
  13. Brick Walk
  14. Medieval Harbor
  15. Floating Island (Tensegrity)
  16. Scooby Doo Mystery Machine
  17. Aircraft Engine Workshop
  18. Airport Fire Truck Rosenbauer PANTHER 8×8
  19. Gamestop Classic Shop
  20. Traditional German Cottage
  21. Outer Solar System
  22. Knight Rider KITT and FLAG Mobile Command Unit
  23. Jaws
  24. Basement & Sewerage
  25. Nyhavn – Copenhagen, Denmark
  26. John’s Medieval Watermill
  27. Carl’ House
  28. The Nanny
  29. Minas Tirith
  30. The Apartment
  31. The Medieval Fortress (Castle)
  32. House of Time (Brick Show feature here)
  33. The A-Team Van and Crew (Brick Show feature here)
  34. Log Cabin

(Other Brick Show enumerated features are here and here.)

There was one new LEGO Ideas proposal that recent received 10,000 supporters. That would be Ralf Ranghaal’s impressive Land Ahoy. It’s a brick-built age-of-exploration map of an island, with 3D terrain, model ship and compass rose. The design is also capable of being rolled up partway, like a real map on parchment.

This submission missed the 2021 Second Review Stage and will be the first on the Third Stage instead. It’ll be interesting to see which of these mind-blowing proposals on Second Stage will get the final approval.

One thought on “LEGO Ideas 2021 Second Review Stage Ends with 34 Submissions for Review”

  1. MARVELOUS! The first Imperial Guard (albeit with blue coat Soldier flags) submission has made it to the review phase!

    These Blue Coat submissions have been extremely popular on LEGO Ideas (this is the third or forth to reach 10K, depending on the time-frame).

    Plus they receive thousands of likes and dozens of comments when we post them on Instagram

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