New LEGO Indiana Jones (Again) Rumored 2023

2009 LEGO Indiana Jones Temple of Doom (7199)

LEGO themes range from iconic long-runners to short flash-in-the-pan appearances. The “Indiana Jones” tie-ins would be a good example. Sets of that line appeared only from 2008 to 2009, anticipating and following the “Kingdom of the Crystal Skull” film. They even got two Traveller’s Tales videogame adaptations. Then the line went silent. True, we perked up at recent rumors of a revival. Turns out the “Coconuts” were just for LEGO Avatar coming this year. But just like Indy, the franchise finds a way to not be ignored. Much like its original iteration, LEGO Indiana Jones is allegedly returning next year because of an upcoming movie.

As told by Promobricks, we have fresh rumors of Indy’s return to LEGO form for 2023. It rather appropriate given that the fifth film in the “Indiana Jones” franchise will release next year. And as if to tease collectors that might catch wind of this info, LEGO’s resuming the fruit codenames. Believe it or not the upcoming LEGO Indy tie-ins are codenamed “Pineapple” this time. We apparently could be getting up to eight sets this wave, three of which are revamps of some 2008-09 releases. It sounds like a good number if you ask us.

We’ll list the possible set reissues first:

  • Fighter Plane Chase (77012) – from 2009’s Fighter Plane Attack (7198); 387 pieces, 3 minifigs, $34.99
  • Escape from the Lost Tomb (77013) – from 2008’s Lost Tomb (7621); 600 pieces, 4 minifigs, $39.99
  • Temple of Doom (77014) – from 2009’s Temple of Doom (7199); 801 pieces, 6 minifigs, $79.99 (box used for banner image)

The remaining five (77015-77019) have no names yet. Set 77015 does have a hefty $149.99 price tag though. You may take these with a grain of salt but that 2023 “Indiana Jones” movie gives them more substance than most. Wait and hope.

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