Rumor: New LEGO Speed Champions Releasing Q1 2023

LEGO Speed Champions 2021

Much like clockwork, the LEGO speculation and rumor mill has intensified towards the end of this year. The subject, naturally, is what new sets we might expect to arrive the following year. Social media tends to be a principal source of these tantalizing tidbits of future LEGO info. For instance, here are some new rumors coming from Instagram regarding LEGO Speed Champions. The car-based theme that’s been the “middle ground” between LEGO City and Technic continues churning out new sets. LEGO sources have also commented on a shifting trend for the line. And now we have some 2023 sets rumored to be coming as well.

Thanks to Brick Fanatics, we have this kernel of speculation on some upcoming LEGO Speed Champions launches. Instagram user @awesome_brick2008 gives us five possible sets. Of these, only one is a two-car combo set. Speed Champions was especially fond of twofers in their past product launches. Apparently, they’re toning that down and focusing on single-car sets come 2023. And again, LEGO’s gunning for licensed cars that have been featured in the “Fast & Furious” film franchise. And these five are just for the first quarter launch period. Here’s what to expect from them next year:

  • Ferrari 812 Competizione (76914)
  • Pagani Utopia (76915)
  • Porsche 963 (76916)
  • “Fast & Furious” Nissan Skyline GT-R R34 (76917)
  • McLaren F1 LM & McLaren Solus GT (76918)

The “F&F” Nissan will be a New Years 2023 release, with the rest coming later in March. At least that’s how the rumor goes. So until LEGO officially speaks up on this then, it’s best to take the news with a grain of salt.

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  1. Personally I love the SPEED CHAMPIONS line as it’s an affordable/reasonably priced line of the LEGO version of model car building. At between $20-$25 US the SPEED line provides a few hours of fun for the cost of a movie. I’d prefer they not group multiple cars together even if it saves $5 as not every set with 2 cars has 2 cars everyone would want. I do hope they continue this line and add both new and classic cars to the line. To me the Lamborghini and The Lotus are excellent examples of what this line can produce.

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