These Cuddly LEGO Halloween MOCs Will Have You Hooked

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Traditionally, this is the time of the year when we feature one or two custom builds that epitomize the creatively dark and spooky side of LEGO building. Whether it’s a cringe-worthy custom LEGO Facehugger or a full-grown LEGO Xenomorph MOC from the Alien franchise, we surely want to give these nightmarish creations the attention they deserve. But then again, who says LEGO Halloween MOCs should always be that scary? Why not make it playful and cuddly as well?

That is exactly what Koen Zwanenburg has in mind when he created his LEGO Halloween Cuddy Toys: Halloween Collection. If you recall, we first featured Koen and his lovely collection of Fabergé-inspired custom LEGO Easter Eggs several years ago. And true to form, he never fails to delightfully surprise.

custom lego halloween plushies

More like mini-builds, it’s very impressive how Koen manages to capture the distinct characteristics of our Halloween mainstays with such few LEGO pieces. For example, the brilliant use of the 2×2 round plates with rounded bottoms for the feet of some of the plushies is just adorable. Even Pennywise will blush to see his cute counterpart.

One might say that Koen has already perfected the subtle art of custom LEGO mini-builds. He managed to capture all these details and more in just a limited number of pieces. Good ‘ol Frankie definitely approves this brick-built version of him. Be sure to check out the rest of Koen’s creations on his Flickr page. And while you’re at it, you may want to check out our list of must-have LEGO Halloween sets to add more brick-building fun to your collection.

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