The LEGO Icons Jazz Club (10312) is Our First Modular Set for 2023

LEGO Icons Jazz Club

After its official press release, finally listed its first modular building set for 2023 – the LEGO Icons Jazz Club (10312). As part of its relatively new line of Icons sets appealing to LEGO adult fans, the LEGO Icons Jazz Club is the 3rd modular set under the rebranded theme since it began in 2021 (it was previously under the LEGO Creator Expert theme).

The Jazz Club 10312 comes in at 2,899 pieces with 8 new minifigures (Jazz Singer, Bassist, Drummer, Pizza Chef, Pizza Delivery Driver, Club Manager, Tailor, and a Magician) as it highlights for the very first time, a music theme for a modular set of this scale.

LEGO Icons Jazz Club

The LEGO Icons Jazz Club (10312) is scheduled to be released on January 4, 2023, and will retail for $229.99 at all LEGO brand stores and online. Take a look at its official images and product description below.

LEGO Icons Jazz Club (10312) 

2,899 pieces | Includes 8 minifigures | $229.99

Ready for a night of big band music, jazz dancing and pizza? The LEGO® Icons Jazz Club (10312) is your ticket to the best show in town. Fans of modular buildings and music lovers will adore constructing their own jazz venue with this building set for adults, which involves new building techniques such as a 45-degree doorway. Once the club is complete, you can spend hours marveling at its beautifully decorated interior, where you’ll discover a jazz stage, a pizzeria and the band’s dressing room.

Make new friends at the club
8 detailed minifigures, including a jazz singer, bassist and drummer, set the scene for a show that will have the audience on their feet all evening. Intricate details include a mini microphone, a mini saxophone and a mini LP record.

Set the stage for creativity
This set is part of a range of collectible building sets for adults who appreciate mindful projects and exceptional design.

10312 alt1 LEGO Icons Jazz Club 10312 alt3 LEGO Icons Jazz Club 10312 alt5 10312 alt6

LEGO Icons Jazz Club

10312 alt8

10312 alt9

10312 alt10

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