From the Rumor Mill: New LEGO Dreamzzz Sets Arriving This Summer 2023

LEGO Dreamzzz

It looks like LEGO is now gearing up to introduce a new theme anytime soon. Because the public records from The German Patent and Trademark Office have revealed that LEGO has filed a trademark application for its upcoming LEGO Dreamzzz sets.

Though this news has been floating around for quite some time since we first reported this back in July last year, it is only now that we get additional information on this new LEGO theme via a government website.

According to additional reports courtesy of Promobricks, the new LEGO Dreamzzz theme will focus on the adventure of the protagonists Mateo and Izzie in and out of the Dream World. With the help of their teacher and AI robot Z-Blob, they travel through dreamy landscapes using magical dream portals using purple mushrooms. I really can’t put my finger on how the dream travel mechanics work in the theme’s storyline, especially on how they use the purple mushrooms. It kind of sounds psychedelically trippy to me, lol. But the fact that LEGO is focusing on dreams as the source of content for this upcoming theme opens plenty of opportunities for creative building expression and crazy cool sets.

Furthermore, Promobricks shares the names and details of the LEGO Dreamzzz’s first wave of sets. I have to admit that I am interested to see how these sets will turn out, considering their wacky and weird names. Just imagine what a “Turtle Balloon” or a “Bunchu Spider” looks like and let your imagination run wild. Check out the list below.

Special thanks once again to Max from Promobricks for sharing this info. I’ll update this post once official images started to roll in.

Z-Blob and Bunchu Spider (30636)

$4.99 | Might be a polybag of sorts

LEGO Dreamzzz

Izzie and Bunchu the Bunny (71453)

259 pieces | $19.99

dreamzzz Image not available

Mateo and Z-Blob the Robot (71454)

237 pieces | $19.99

LEGO Dreamzzz

Grimkeeper the Cage Monster (71455)

274 pieces | $34.99

dreamzzz Image not available

Mrs. Castillo’s Turtle Balloon/Van (71456)

434 pieces | $44.99

LEGO Dreamzzz

Pegasus Flying Horse (71457)

482 pieces | $49.99

dreamzzz Image not available

Crocodile Car (71458)

494 pieces | $59.99

LEGO Dreamzzz

Stable of the Dream Creatures (71459)

681 pieces | $79.99

dreamzzz Image not available

Mr. Oz’s Spacebus (71460)

878 pieces | $89.99

dreamzzz Image not available

Fantastical Treehouse (71461)

1,257 pieces | $99.99 

dreamzzz Image not available

Knightmare Shark Ship (71469)

1,389 pieces | $139.99

dreamzzz Image not available

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