Official Images for the LEGO Bricklink Designer Program Sets Surfaced

banner 910011 lego bricklink designer program 1950s diner

If you’re using the LEGO Builder app on you’re iPhone or iPad, you may have noticed an update that added the official images of the crowdfunded LEGO Bricklink Designer Program sets. If you recall, the Bricklink Designer Program began first as the AFOL Designer Program in 2018 to bring together the best original creations from the LEGO builders community. The goal is to gather as much support as possible through a crowdfunding platform that will enable these LEGO MOCs to be mass-produced and recognized.

And thanks to a recent LEGO Builder update, we can now glimpse what we can expect from these sets’ official packaging. There are five sets under the LEGO Bricklink Designer Program; each set is intended for advanced LEGO builders due to their size and complexity.

Pre-orders have unfortunately ended, but if you happen to be the first 10,000 supporters who pre-ordered these sets, you can expect them to be shipped any time soon. The good thing is that building instructions in PDF format will also be available, so you can try and see if you can build these sets using your existing LEGO pieces, or you can order them through Bricklink.

Click on the following links if you want to know more about these LEGO Bricklink Designer Program sets.

Studgate Train Station (910002)

4,076 pieces | 339.99 Euros | Designed by Pablo Sanchez Jimenez (BrickyBricks82)

910002 lego bricklink designer program studgate train station 1


Winter Chalet (910004)

2,705 pieces | 169.99 Euros | Designed by Sandro Damiano (sdrnet)

910004 lego bricklink designer program winter chalet e1675298622203


Modular Construction Site (910008)

3,374 pieces | 269.99 Euros | Designed by Ryan Taggart (ryantaggart)

910008 lego bricklink designer program modular construction site


1950s Diner (910011)

1,379 pieces | 109.99 Euros | Designed by James Allan Cox (pix027)

910011 lego bricklink designer program 1950s diner e1675298597777


Mountain View Observatory (910027)

3,876 pieces | 209.99 Euros | Designed by Thomas Wosch (ThomasW_BL)

910027 lego bricklink designer program mountain view observatory

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