ICYMI: New LEGO BrickHeadz Minecraft Sets to be Released this April

New LEGO BrickHeadz Minecraft

Following the release of the new LEGO BrickHeadz Disney sets this March, it looks like fans of the BrickHeadz theme have more sets to expect this April. In case you missed it, LEGO.com has been updated to include three new LEGO BrickHeadz Minecraft sets that you can add to your collection.

This new wave of Minecraft-inspired BrickHeadz sets is quite overdue in my opinion. The last similar set that we have was way back in 2018 when we had our Steve and Creeper (41612) dual-pack. So it’s a very much welcomed decision from LEGO to now include not one, but three additional Minecraft characters added to the BrickHeadz roster. It’s also nice to see that we finally have a brick-built version of Alex to complement our early version of Steve, plus a very colorful Llama as well. LEGO also seems to give this Minecraft Llama a very distinguished place in the collection considering that this is the 200th character given the BrickHeadz treatment. I do hope that it comes with a special commemorative brick or something.

Check out the official images of these new LEGO BrickHeadz Minecraft sets, together with their respective product descriptions. Each of these will retail for $10 and will be available in all LEGO Stores and online starting April 1, 2023.

Alex (40624)

86 pieces | $9.99

New LEGO BrickHeadz Minecraft

Here’s a hands-on treat for players of the Minecraft® video game aged 10 and up. LEGO® BrickHeadz™ Alex (40624) presents one of the game’s most popular characters in collectible BrickHeadz form. Perfect for play and display, the figure includes authentic Minecraft details, such as the hero’s diamond pickaxe. Standing over 3 in. (8 cm) tall, this BrickHeadz recreation of the iconic character will look great in any kid’s room.


Llama (40625) 

100 pieces | $9.99

New LEGO BrickHeadz Minecraft

Minecraft® players will be very familiar with the game’s cute llama mobs. LEGO® BrickHeadz™ Llama (40625) lets kids put the popular character on display for all to admire. The buildable BrickHeadz figure stands over 3 in. (8 cm) tall and includes a baseplate stand, making it perfect for hands-on play and putting on show in any kid’s room.


Zombie (40626) 

81 pieces | $9.99

New LEGO BrickHeadz Minecraft

Zombies are the iconic hostile mobs from the Minecraft® video game. And now, Minecraft players aged 10 and up can build their own LEGO® BrickHeadz™ Zombie (40626). The authentically detailed figure stands over 3 in. (8 cm) tall and features a baseplate stand, making it perfect for hands-on play as well as putting on show for all to admire.

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