LEGO LOTR MOC Gallery: Get Inspired With These 15 Amazing Brick-Built Vignettes

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Since the launching of the LEGO Lord of the Rings: Rivendell set, many LEGO fans have taken to the internet to share their own LEGO LOTR MOC (My Own Creations), showing their love for this once prolific LEGO theme, especially over at Flickr. So in honor of LEGO’s Lord of the Rings theme’s 10th-year anniversary, I’ve put together a gallery of 15 amazing brick-built LEGO LOTR MOC vignettes that deserve a second look.

This collection features some of the best LEGO LOTR fan builders out there and highlights their collective work in giving key moments of the LOTR trilogy a unique LEGO twist. LEGO fan builders Thorsten Bonsch, Jonas Kramm, Marcel V., Forlorn Empire, and Grant Davis came up with a brilliant idea to recreate the highlights of the Lord of the Rings Trilogy through a series of brick-built vignettes that underscores each MOC (my own creation) builder’s unique techniques.

As of today, Grant Davis is the last builder tasked to cap off and render the final scenes of The Return of the King, and I have to say that his building techniques are pretty awesome. Here are the rest of the finished creations by these talented builders. I hope they inspire you to create your very own LEGO LOTR MOC as well.

Some of the Coolest LEGO LOTR MOC Vignettes Ever Built

01. Sauron

13. Loudwater

Welcome to Rivendell


The Gate of Moria

They have a Cave Troll

Bridge of Khazad-dûm



The Reforging of Narsil

Attack on Osgiliath

The Stairs of Cirith Ungol

Shelob's Lair


The Siege of Gondor

There are so many impressive building techniques that were highlighted in these creations that it’s quite difficult to decide which is my favorite.  That brick-built Loudwater River vignette by Thorsten Bonsch is as impressive as the theatrical scene itself, using clear transparent bricks to recreate the magical currents conjured by Arwen.

The Mighty Balrog never fails to amaze me, especially when Jonas Kramm managed to capture its overwhelming presence in his version of the Bridge of Khazad-dum. Building this is quite a feat in itself, considering the challenge of building a towering figure in such a small space.

You can also feel the terror on Sam and Frodo’s faces in this Osgiliath-Nazgul scene recreated by Marcel V. You can also imagine the fear and uncertainty in the hearts of our heroic Hobbits throughout their seemingly impossible climb at the treacherous steps of Cirith Ungol, as envisioned by LEGO LOTR MOC builder ForlornEmpire.

But perhaps Grant Davis’ recreations truly won my heart, especially with his cleverly genius use of LEGO parts. That scene where Sam went face-to-face against Shelob was a testament to Grant’s outstanding creativity. His clever use of rubber wheel pieces gave this unsightly arachnid an almost realistic LEGO rendition. That entrance into Shelob’s lair is also noteworthy, with Grant’s painstaking re-creation of an entangled web. And finally, that Siege of Gondor vignette simply defies gravity as the impact of the boulder sends the tower’s debris all around. It’s as if Flash entered this scene and everything is frozen in time.

If you like these outstanding MOCs, please do these uber-talented builders a favor and follow their Flickr pages where they feature the rest of their creations.  Which of these LEGO LOTR MOCs blows you away? Let me know in the comments below.

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  1. For the Balrog set how do you believe he got the fire flame elements to stick together to form the fire whip?

    1. Yeah, very interesting building technique there from Jonas Kramm. I think you’ll have a better look at this technique if you check out his larger Balrog build over his Flickr page. Plus if you look closely at the 1st vignette from this post, you’ll see that Thorsten Bonsch also followed the same technique in recreating the lava spurts of Mount Doom together with Sauron.

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