LEGO Ideas Third 2022 Review Results Officially Announced!

lego ideas third 2022 review results

In case you missed it, the LEGO Ideas team has officially announced the LEGO Ideas Third 2022 review results. If you recall, the Third 2022 LEGO Ideas Review Stage commenced early this January, with 35 product ideas vying for that top spot to become an official LEGO Ideas set. Read on to know which of these product ideas will become official sets as we announce the LEGO Ideas Third 2022 Review results.

First off, our heartfelt congratulations go out to the talented members of the LEGO Ideas community who have achieved the remarkable feat of garnering 10,000 supporters for their exceptional product ideas. From early September 2022 to early January 2023, there were a total of 35 impressive LEGO fan submissions. And after more than 4 months, we can now finally see which fan submissions will be included in the LEGO Ideas Third 2022 Review results.

Upcoming LEGO Ideas Sets to Watch Out For

But before we go into the details of the LEGO Ideas Third 2022 Review results, let’s look back at the 9 LEGO Ideas sets that are currently in the pipeline, undergoing development. The LEGO Ideas Tales of the Space Age (21340) is now available with the rest of these upcoming sets slated to be released at some varying points.

LEGO Ideas Third 2022 Review Results – New Sets to Watch Out For

Let us now delve into the details of the LEGO Ideas Third 2022 Review Results and celebrate the exceptional creations that have made their mark:

JAWS – An adrenalin-pumping brick Masterpiece

lego ideas third 2022 review results

Congratulations to LEGO fan designer Jonny Campbell, known as Diving Faces, for his remarkable tribute to the timeless, pop icon film,  JAWS. Jonny’s deep admiration for this cinematic masterpiece shines through in his creation. Every intricate detail has been expertly captured, perfectly encapsulating the thrilling and suspenseful atmosphere that made the film a classic. The overwhelming attention and support received by this project from the LEGO fan community prove that this 80s-inspired set is somewhat long overdue.

CAT – A Playful Companion in LEGO Form

lego ideas third 2022 review results

A round of applause also goes to LEGO fan designer Damian Andres, (aka The Yellow Brick), for his beautiful brick creation of a household pet. The CAT draws inspiration from Damian’s beloved feline companion. A cross between a Siamese and a Birman, Damian has meticulously crafted a LEGO model that beautifully captures the playful essence of these wonderful creatures. The intricate details of the final model are a testament to Damian’s dedication and creativity.

LEGO Ideas Third 2022 Review Results – Their Design, Pricing, and Availability

The final product design, pricing, and availability for these upcoming sets are still currently being worked on. We understand the excitement surrounding these creations and we just have to stay tuned and keep abreast with the latest developments until their eventual launch dates. To stay informed about the latest product releases and more, be sure to subscribe to our blog site for future notifications.

What’s Next After the LEGO Ideas Third 2022 Review Results Are Out?

While celebrating the accomplishments of the LEGO Ideas Third 2022 review results, the evaluation process for the next batch of LEGO Ideas product ideas is now on its way. This review has once again shattered records, with an astounding 71 impressive designs achieving the milestone of 10,000 supporters between early January 2023 and early May 2023. The LEGO Ideas First 2023 LEGO review results will be announced in the fall of 2023, as we eagerly await another wave of exceptional creations to captivate our imagination.

lego ideas first 2023 review qualifiers

The LEGO Ideas community continues to astound us with its boundless creativity. Stay tuned for more exciting updates and let your imagination soar with LEGO Ideas! For now, be sure to watch the full announcement presented by LEGO Ideas Engagement Manager Hasan Jensen and LEGO Model Designer Laura Perron.

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