LEGO 76262 Captain America’s Shield – Unveiling the Ultimate Marvel Collectible

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In case you missed it, the LEGO 76262 Captain America’s Shield set has been generating excitement among fans for weeks, and now the wait is finally over. The official LEGO store has listed this ultimate LEGO Marvel creation, complete with official visuals, a retail price of $200, and an eagerly anticipated release date of August 1, 2023.

The LEGO 76262 Captain America’s Shield Official Reveal

Boasting an impressive collection of 3,128 pieces, the LEGO 76262 Captain America’s Shield set offers a building experience similar to the LEGO Marvel Thor’s Hammer 76209. But the excitement doesn’t stop there. Because the LEGO 76262 Captain America’s Shield also includes a newly designed minifigure of the iconic shield-wielding superhero himself.

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An Epic Brick Replica

With a diameter of over 47 cm, this remarkable display set is a testament to LEGO’s commitment to detail and craftsmanship. Every facet of the LEGO 76262 Captain America’s Shield has been replicated to its almost original figure, allowing fans to have a unique building experiene and a one-of-a-kind display set.

To elevate the presentation value of this extraordinary set, LEGO has thoughtfully included a presentation stand. This enables you to showcase the assembled shield with pride, transforming it into a stunning centerpiece for any LEGO Marvel collection.

Enter the Marvel Universe

The LEGO 76262 Captain America’s Shield set is more than just a collectible. It serves as a portal to the thrilling world of the Marvel Cinematic Universe, inviting fans to relive the heroic exploits of Captain America. Whether you’re a long-time comic book fan or new to the LEGO superhero realm, this set promises to fuel your imagination and provide hours of building excitement.

Don’t miss your opportunity to own a piece of the Marvel universe. Pre-order the LEGO 76262 Captain America’s Shield set today and be among the first to experience the thrill of assembling and displaying this extraordinary masterpiece. Check out the full product description below including some official images. Click on the following affiliate link if you wish to pre-order this unique set today.

LEGO Marvel 76262 Captain America’s Shield Pre-Order

3,129 pieces | Includes a Captain America minifigure | $199.99 | Pre-order this item today, it will ship from August 1, 2023

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lego 76262

Adult Marvel enthusiasts can put their passion on display with this recreation of one of the most iconic items in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. LEGO® Marvel Captain America’s Shield (76262) is a detailed and authentic model that is rewarding to build and pleasing to admire long after the construction work has been completed.

An emblem of good vs. evil
The 3,128-piece model measures over 18.5 in. (47 cm) in diameter and rests on a stand that incorporates a nameplate. For added convenience, a digital version of the set’s building instructions can be found on the LEGO Builder app.

  • Iconic shield – LEGO® Marvel Captain America’s Shield (76262) is an authentic build-and-display model of the famous emblem of good vs. evil
  • Ready for display – The shield rests on a stand incorporating a nameplate and comes with a Captain America minifigure with its own shield and Thor’s hammer, Mjölnir
  • Rewarding challenge – Model-makers can lose themselves in this immersive project as they recreate a piece of comic-book history, brick by brick
  • Gift for adults – This hands-on building kit makes a suitable gift for any Marvel fan, LEGO® lover or model-maker
  • Display-worthy piece – The completed model measures over 18.5 in. (47 cm) in diameter

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