Check Out These Funny LEGO Horror Posters Over at LEGO Insiders!

lego horror posters

You can still catch these funny LEGO horror posters over at LEGO Insiders. 

In the realm of brick-induced nightmares all shared by LEGO fans, few things send shivers down the spine quite like stepping on a stray LEGO brick. This Halloween, the iconic brand has cleverly embraced this terror with a spine-tingling twist.

Introducing a spine-chilling collection of LEGO horror – themed posters, now available as exclusive limited edition prints through the revamped LEGO Insider Reward’s Center. These posters will have you rethinking lost pieces, perplexing stickers, and, yes, the dread of the unassuming LEGO brick underfoot.

LEGO Horror Posters – Guaranteed Halloween Treats for All Ages

Just in time for the Spooky Season, these LEGO horror posters pay homage to the vintage, illustrated movie posters of yesteryears. As an added thrill, these posters are exclusively offered for free over at the LEGO Insiders mini website.

Unless you have been living in a pile of bricks for quite some time, you may have known already that LEGO Insiders is the newly revamped LEGO VIP Rewards, but with more features and exciting promos. For this Halloween Season, LEGO is adding more fun to All Hollow’s Eve by offering six limited-edition LEGO horror posters inspired by the classic film genre.

Unearth the Fear: How to Obtain Your LEGO Horror Posters Limited Edition Print

LEGO humorously made this announcement on their Facebook page last week, giving us a glimpse of this funny collection of not-so-scary, LEGO horror posters.

“Scarily familiar? Redeem your LEGO Insiders points for a limited edition Halloween print (if you dare…!)” Fans can secure their own spine-tingling masterpiece by simply visiting But, with a mere 5,400 of each poster up for grabs, you need to act fast.  All six LEGO horror posters can be redeemed each for 1,750 LEGO Insiders points, and are valued at $17 each.

The cool thing about these posters is that they are printed using ‘glow-in-the-dark’ ink on 30cm x 40cm poster paper for that extra chilling effect. And to give it a premium, collectible feel, each poster also comes with an embossed LEGO brick stamp as proof of its authenticity.

Check out these posters up close and personal.

‘The Terror Below’ 5008238

Thought you’d packed them all away?

5008238 1

‘The Vanishing Brick’ 5008239

Dropped pieces don’t just disappear. Do they?

5008239 1

‘The Crooked Curse’ 5008240

Nothing will haunt you like a lopsided sticker. 

5008240 1

‘Revenge of the Cheese Slope’ 5008241

No one knows how it got there. No one knows how it’s getting out.

5008241 1

‘Stuck’ 5008242

Will your fingernails survive the night?

5008242 1

‘Night of the Buried Brick’ 5008243

It’s in there. Somewhere. 

5008243 1

LEGO Horror Posters that Resonate with LEGO Fans

The response from LEGO fans has been nothing short of enthusiastic. One fan enthusiastically commented on Facebook, “These are awesomely accurate!” Another chimed in, “I’m getting childhood flashbacks for the Stuck Brick ones….” And as it seems, anyone who ever had a LEGO set can clearly relate to all the “horrific” stories told by each of these LEGO horror posters.

But, of course, LEGO’s journey into the world of art doesn’t stop here. In recent months, LEGO continued to appeal to older LEGO fans with its line of LEGO Art sets, and a gorgeous collection of LEGO posters that render in bricks the classic art of Van Gogh as seen in LEGO Ideas Starry Night 21333, and LEGO Art Hokusai – The Great Wave 31208.


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