LEGO Launches LEGO Insiders Treasure Hunt!

lego insiders treasure hunt

Are you ready for an adventure like no other? The LEGO Group is thrilled to introduce the LEGO Insiders Treasure Hunt, an exhilarating journey where LEGO fans, young and old alike, can have the chance to unlock a treasure trove of prizes!

The LEGO Insiders Treasure Hunt Lets You Embark on an Augmented Reality Quest

lego insiders treasure hunt

In case you haven’t yet caught wind of this monumental transformation, it’s time to acquaint yourself with LEGO Insiders. LEGO’s revamped loyalty program is designed to offer a world of rewards for all LEGO fans out there. Replacing the previous LEGO VIP program, LEGO Insiders simply multiplies the fun of being a LEGO enthusiast. And it becomes even better with more exciting ways to earn points with every LEGO set purchase from any LEGO Store and But the fun doesn’t stop there – by registering your collection, you can see your LEGO Insider points multiply exponentially. The all-new LEGO Insiders seamlessly streamlines account management, elevates your points journey, and unlocks exclusive offers.

LEGO brings together all the exciting aspects of the new LEGO Insider program and wraps it around its extraordinary and tech-savvy LEGO Insiders Treasure Hunt. Whether you’re nestled at home or exploring a LEGO store, the LEGO Insider Treasure Hunt offers an innovative and engaging augmented reality experience. The goal is to uncover the revered golden LEGO brick that grants you access to an array of prizes accompanying each discovery. With the added thrill of being able to embark on this hunt multiple times a day, the LEGO Insiders Treasure Hunt enhances children’s (and adults) playtime enjoyment significantly.

A Chance to Become a LEGO Millionaire Through the LEGO Insiders Treasure Hunt

lego insiders treasure hunt

Imagine the dream of becoming a LEGO millionaire turning into reality. From August to September, a remarkable opportunity awaits each participating country. Six fortunate individuals in each region can achieve the coveted title of LEGO millionaire by winning [£7,000 / US$9000 / €8,200 / CAD$12,000 / AUD$13,250 / NZD$14,500 / DKK 60,500 / KRW 11475000] worth of points. These points open the doors to the exclusive LEGO Insiders Reward Center, where discounts on captivating sets, exclusive member merchandise, and entry into sweepstakes (available in select countries) for enchanting collectibles and more await.

An Abundance of Prizes to Uncover

While the ultimate jackpot may be elusive for some, rest assured that a plethora of prizes awaits your discovery. From groundbreaking digital comic book creators to unlocking hidden surprises within LEGO games, the rewards are boundless. Immerse yourself in the cherished history of LEGO with digital downloads of iconic images, adding a layer of nostalgia to your remarkable journey.

Diving into a Sea of Prizes of the LEGO Insiders Treasure Hunt

It’s an opportunity of a lifetime when an astonishing 2,000,001 prizes are up for grabs within a shared prize pool spanning across participating countries. These captivating LEGO Insiders Treasure Hunt prizes include:

  • 1,600,000 x Digital Download of a Randomly Allocated LEGO Coloring Sheet
  • 100,001 x Exclusive Torso Code Redemption in the LEGO Tower App
  • 100,000 x Digital Comic Book – LEGO Star Wars
  • 100,000 x Digital Comic Book – LEGO Spider-man
  • 100,000 x Digital Comic Book – LEGO Batman

The Evolution of LEGO Insiders from LEGO VIP

For those already a part of the LEGO VIP family, rest assured that you’re in for a seamless transition. Your LEGO VIP membership automatically evolves into LEGO Insiders, making the process effortless. There’s no need for any action on your part – all the changes are skillfully integrated, bringing together accounts from platforms like LEGO Ideas and more, bringing them under a unified membership. And the best part? Your membership status remains free of charge, offering more value than ever before.

The LEGO Insiders Treasure Hunt is much more than a mere quest; it’s an innovative fusion of augmented reality and unparalleled rewards. Just be sure to unlock the illustrious golden LEGO brick, to have the chance to become one of the highly esteemed LEGO millionaires. With the opportunity to claim this title and a myriad of prizes waiting to be uncovered, any LEGO Insiders journey promises to make the LEGO hobby more enjoyable.

Be sure to check out the full terms and conditions of the LEGO Insiders Treasure Hunt which you can find here.

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