A Closer Look At The LEGO Incredibles Edna Minifigure.

After the reveal of the exclusive LEGO Incredibles 2 Edna minifigure as a GameStop exclusive in the US, we now have a closer look at this video game minifig promotional. Listed over at eBay by a certain klocego1, the following images give us a better scrutiny of our superhero stylist’s minifig counterpart.

lego edna 2

As you can see from this image, this Edna exclusive minifigure comes with dual-sided face print as most of you have probably guessed. However, though I always appreciate dual-sided printing in any particular minifig, this version of Edna Mode somehow falls short of how I expect her to see in minifigure form. It will be better if she has the same detailing like how she is presented in the video game’s teaser trailer.

edna minifig

I understand that it is not cost-effective for LEGO to create and produce the same hairpiece and eye glasses mould in such small quantities, but it looks certainly better than having the glasses printed. With regards to the head print, I feel that E’s digital version in the video game trailer is closer to her big screen rendition. I wish LEGO could have done better with this particular design. On a more positive note, it’s good that the Edna minifig has front and back torso prints. The red v-neck accent is pretty spot-on against a predominantly black color scheme, as well as her shirt’s stripped pattern.

lego edna 3

lego edna 4

In any case, since this is a video game exclusive similar to the Giant-Man minifigure that came with the LEGO Marvel Superheroes 2 video game released last November, then I understand that the Edna Mode minifigure will possibly be on the A-list of some LEGO minifig connoisseurs. So what do you think brick fans, will this minifig version of E motivate you to pre-order the LEGO Incredibles 2 video game? Let us know in the comments below.


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