LEGO Rebrick Presents “Your Brick Selfie” Contest with BrickHeadz Go Brick Me (41597)

When it comes to their full-customization BrickHeadz Go Brick Me set (41597), LEGO has been busy promoting all the fun things you can do. Foremost of course is the possibility of creating a BrickHeadz version of yourself with your own hands. But LEGO’s even making a contest out of it.

Now, LEGO Rebrick has announced a simple little competition – with prizes, naturally – that would spur those who have gotten the BrickHeadz Go Brick Me (41597) to let their creativity flow. As you may have guessed, the mechanic is just to interpret oneself in BrickHeadz form. The best designs win prizes.

All interested contestants of LEGO Rebrick’s “Your Brick Selfie” competition can submit their entries in the form of five photos of their BrickHeadz self, write a little description of their work on the submission form at the Rebrick contest page, and then send it off before May 8, 10AM EST.

“Your Brick Selfie” entries will be looked over by a panel of judges from LEGO’s BrickHeadz dev team. Based on four equally-scored categories (originality/coolness, details, theme relevance and best LEGO use), they’ll select one grand winner and two runners-up, plus a bonus prize winner that’ll be totally chosen at random

The Grand Winner will win a US$200 shopping spree on, a certificate, and a flood of BrickHeadz figures (12 from LEGO DC, Marvel and Star Wars; 1 Go Brick Me (41597) and 23 other BrickHeadz sets that will be sent off one they’ve been released, including 12 retailer exclusives. Its kind of exciting to hear that LEGO has these 23 soon-to-be announced BrickHeadz sets  in the works so we’ll surely pay close attention to this.

The runners-up will each receive a certificate, the same set of 12 BrickHeadz figures received by the Grand Winner, plus 11 more sets of that line that will come once released. Finally, the randomly chosen Bonus Winner gets the same BrickHeadz sets as the runners-up. That’s a lot of prizes.

Once again, you can learn more about LEGO Rebrick’s “BrickHeadz: Your Brick Selfie” contest on their official site right here.

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