Another LEGO Batman Movie Activity Book Comes With a FREE Minifigure.

Remember that LEGO Batman Movie Tartan Batman minifigure exclusive that came out last November? If you recall, this minifigure comes as a free exclusive together with The LEGO Batman Movie Chaos in Gotham City Activity Book. It was received well amongst LEGO Batman collectors and aficionados, and a fine addition to a host of costumes and crazy outfits of the Dark Knight.

This time around, LEGO has teamed up once more with long-time print media partner, Scholastic, to offer another LEGO Batman Movie exclusive that comes with a nice freebie. Amazon France has posted another Scholastic Activity Book that features not that of Batman, but that of one of his long-time enemies, the Penguin.


Though the graphic that comes with the Amazon France listing is not clear enough to give us a closer look at the minifigure (considering as well that it may well be written in German), it is quite clear from its silhouette that it belongs to the Penguin as he is seen in the Batcave Break-In (70909) set. This LEGO Batman Movie version of the Penguin comes in two variants: a cheery, smiling one as seen in 70909, and an angry, battle-ready Penguin as seen in the Penguin Arctic Roller (70911). Basically, they are the same minifigs except for the expressions printed on their respective head pieces.

The Penguin as seen in Penguin Artic Roller 70911 (left), and his variant as seen in Batcave Break-In 70909 (right). The free Penguin minifigure that comes with the latest Scholastic Activity Book probably looks closer to the one on the right.

As we can see from the Amazon posting, the Penguin minifigure freebie seems to take its cue from the Batcave Break-In set. This may not prove to be as exciting as the Tartan Batman minifigure, but a good way nonetheless of adding the Penguin in your collection. I guess it’s a matter of time until we see the Scholastic Activity Book offered in the US. In the meantime, it is also good to know that the LEGO Batman Movie is now officially out in HD format via Amazon, and will soon be available in DVD and Blu-ray on June 13.




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