Huge 2018 LEGO Friends Set Images Revealed!

Never let it be said that LEGO products are mostly for boys. The best-selling Women of NASA (21312) set makes that old notion very much outdated. This time, LEGO has revealed new sets coming out in 2018 for their LEGO Friends theme. Noted for their larger, more detailed minidolls that are distinct characters in the setting, we’re seeing more LEGO Friends sets that offer more play features that may prove attractive not just for girls, but for all LEGO enthusiasts and builders alike.

Our last set of reveals for today features an impressively huge wave of new LEGO Friends play sets coming out in 2018. Once again, Swiss website World of Games managed to get the inside scoop on what these sets are, along with photos and the lowdown on which of the five LEGO Friends cast is the star of each set.

From buildings to bedroom layouts, to businesses and vehicles, interested builders will be well on their way to making a town with these new sets from LEGO Friends. Check these out.

Mia’s Bedroom (41327)

Features bed and storage space for Mia, w/ pet rabbit.

Stephanie’s Bedroom (41328)

With bed and dresser for Stephanie, w/ pet dog and indoor kennel.

Olivia’s Bedroom (41329)

Features a bed, computer workstation and coffeemaker for Olivia.

Stephanie’s Sport Park (41330)

With goalpost, ball with launching machine for Stephanie, w/ pet dog.

Emma’s Art Stand (41332)

Features Emma’s mobile artwork exhibit, and her pet cat.

Olivia’s Mission Vehicle (41333)

Features a tech van for Olivia, w/ her pet dog,

Andrea’s Park Performance (41334)

Features outdoor stage, park benches and hotdog stand for Andrea with Steve and baby Diana, w/ pet parrot.

Mia’s Tree House (41335)

With tree-house hangout for Mia with Daniel, also includes assorted pets.

Emma’s Art Cafe (41336)

Features an art-deco style snack bar for Emma with Ethan.

Stephanie’s Sports Arena (41338) 

With assorted sports facilities and grandstand for Stephanie and Vicky.

Mia’s Camper Van (41339)

Features a lovely, and colorful mobile home for Mia and Stephanie, including their horse.

Friendship House (41340)

The ultimate LEGO Friends apartment, includes Andrea, Olivia and Emma.

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  1. This is so weird for me seeing all the new Lego friends I was literally just chilling out in The entertainer and I saw all the new sets I do like the hair changes but I still do wonder if they will still bring out the sets with the old mini figures I got the Lego friend ski resort for Xmas only a couple days after I am a HUGE Lego fan and promise not to stop buying the new sets
    ( but what are with Emma’s eyes??)

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